Axtreme Sandwich Die

Are you looking for a die cutting mould that has the tightest tolerance and highest durability which can offer you excellent die cutting results?

Sharp-EVO Axtreme Sandwich Die is one of the most innovative technology solutions if the wooden die boards’ quality could not satisfy your need especially in the case of having multiple-up jobs.

With Sharp-EVO Axtreme Sandwich Die high dimensional stability and long durability especially it is not easy affected by heat and moisture, it is made especially to suit for high and repeat run jobs.

Matching with Sharp-EVO Steel Counter Plate and Sharp-EVO Embossing for the finest and consistent cutting results. With Sharp-ESSENTIAL Stripping System, you can achieve excellent stripping quality even in critical area.

Your Benefits:

Not Easily Affected by Heat and Moisture
Least Makeready Time Needed
Can be Re-knife without Losing in Quality
High Speed Ejection Material
Suitable for Long Run Job with Excellent Accuracy
Perfect Match with Sharp-EVO Steel Counter Plate to Form Non-fading Crease and Consistent Crease Quality; Very Narrow and Close Creasing is Possible
Perfect Match with Sharp-ESSENTIAL Stripping System for Best Stripping Results
Perfect Match with Sharp-EVO Embossing for Finest Embossing