Are you looking for a die that can offer you exact precision with the tightest tolerance regardless of any design: small gaps, extreme bending angles, specific rule heights, specific rule angles? Are you looking for a die that can offer you the finest cutting quality with no joint and consistent cutting results? Are you looking for a die that has extend cutting and tooling life which is features to optimized short, mid, and long run projects? Sharp-ADVANCE Pinnacle Die can handle your needs.

Your Benefits:

Suitable for Electronic Components, Complex and Fancy Design Adhesive/Non-adhesive Labels, PU Product, Cushion Material, Insulator
Superior Dimensional Stability with Minimum Make Ready Time
Tightest Tolerance with Consistent Cutting Results
Customized Tooling Solutions, Individual Adjusted According To Specific Requirements
Allows Extreme Angles, Sharp Corners and Even Small Gaps
No Joint at Cutting Edge with Highest Machine Speed
Extend Tool Life, Ideal for Short, Mid and Long Run Jobs