SHARP-ESSENTIAL Stripping System

Sharp-ESSENTIAL Stripping System is the ideal solution that ensures a consistent and reliable stripping process and provides you the best stripping results.

Our stripping tools are designed to strip perfectly downwards and thus avoiding a twisting and bouncing of the waste. It comes with male and female stripping unit which ensures you the best stripping results even in critical areas.

Sharp-ESSENTIAL Stripping System is the perfect stripping system for your packaging. It matches perfectly with Sharp-ESSENTIAL Flatbed Die and Sharp-ESSENTIAL Blanking System 


Male and Female Stripping Unit
Customized Striping System with Minimized Make Ready Time
Optimized Results in Waste Disposal Even in Critical Areas
Advanced Storage System to Avoid Damages
High Cost Efficient as Reduced Machine Downtime
Suitable for Both Standard and Large Size Diecutters
Excellent Durability