Sharp-ESSENTIAL Flatbed Die for Corrugated Packaging is developed with the most innovative technology and by providing you first class die making materials, we ensure you excellent die cutting results for medium to long run jobs:high durability, high job frequency, special technique requirements that perfectly fit your needs.

Sharp-ESSENTIAL Stripping System ensures a consistent and reliable die-cutting and stripping process.

Sharp-ESSENTIAL Creasing technology is the prefect matching with our dies where you can cut and crease at the same time and to ensure you a smooth die-cutting process.


High Accuracy with Customized Solutions
Special Ejecting Technique Enables High Efficiency in Ejections and Ensures Constant High Machine Speed
Perfect Customized Stripping System and Optimize Waste Removal
Creasing Technology Provides Excellent Creasing Quality
High Durability and Excellent Results for Medium to Long Run Jobs
Suitable for Both Standard and Large Size Diecutters
Convenient to Re-knife